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Dr. Cho Min-Young experienced some 800 cases of surgeries with Dr. Raulogental a world prominent authority of Morbid obesity surgery in Cleveland Clinic of Florida, the U.S. Besides, he is a master of Morbid obesity surgery, contributing numerous papers on Morbid Obesity surgery to international academic journals.
365mc Bariatric Surgery Center performs surgeries in innovative Bariatric Surgery method and laparoscopic surgery method that minimize pain and allow rapid recuperation compared with laparotomy surgery. In addition, 365mc Bariatric Surgery Center uses most recent most advanced surgery instruments produced in Germany or the U.S. which are optimized for Morbid obesity surgeries.
Our chief doctor Cho Min-Young that experienced various Morbid obesity surgery cases in the surgery methods and post surgery treatment programs of Morbid Obesity Surgery Research Center at Cleveland Clinic, Florida, FL, personally performs the surgeries. Furthermore, since 365MC Morbid Obesity Surgery Center can administer any Morbid Obesity surgery like gastric resection and bariatric surgery among others, we can offer customized surgeries optimized to each and every patient.
365MC is staffed by specialized anesthetist who stays around the clock to take charge of the entire process of the surgery, and is equipped with emergency treatment system of university hospital level, possessing various cutting edge medical equipments like general anesthesia machine and cardiopulmonary resuscitation machine etc.
Nutritional treatments including Morbid Obesity surgery post management are offered at any location of 365MC network nationwide, and we fully help the clients that received Morbid Obesity surgery with obesity treatment to the end in various methods like operation of packages that offer liposuction to make balanced body shape as well as weight reduction after surgery.