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Liposuction specialist clinicians with thousands of liposuction success cases perform surgeries themselves. 365mc clinicians performed live liposuction surgery with the world’s great liposuction/aesthetic scholar Dr. Seckel of Harvard Univ. Dr. Seckel praised us for our world class level of facilities and system, and for our high skilled clinicians.
365mc performs safe surgeries with residing anesthetic specialists and various advanced medical equipments such as whole body anesthesia devices and CPR equipments.
365mc is the very first and the only obesity center in Korea to adopt and work with a state-of-the art 3D body type analysis system. You can check the front, rear, left and right views of your body through a 3D image, enabling a systematic diagnosis for fat deposited parts that require intensive care.
Liposuction is not just a suction surgery to reduce the amount of fat. 365mc considers the cosmetic part of the customer’s body figure and performs the surgery to make the most beautiful body line for each part.
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