365mc Liposuction

Liposuction is a versatile surgery performed on the thighs, stomach, arms, and legs. While the principle behind liposuction remains the same, each area is different in size, shape, and characteristics, requiring precision and thoroughness to perform perfect liposuction in large areas.


The amount of remaining fat determines the success of a liposuction surgery.

The amount of fat removed is not what decides the success of a liposuction surgery. What matters most is how much fat remains in the body after liposuction. The best surgery leaves behind as little fat as possible. 365mc Hospital only leaves “the necessary amount.”


Foresight leads to excellence: “University hospital–level” treatment environment

We think from the customers’ perspective. “If my family were to go through liposuction, which hospital would I choose?” It would have to be a hospital specialized for liposuction with advanced medical equipment and a safe surgery room. It would have to be the hospital of the highest quality that was certified by a trustworthy institution. 365mc Hospital has been proactive in creating such a hospital. Our medical staff boast of their unmatched teamwork, our surgeons are dedicated to liposuction, and our equipment exceeds the global standard.


Knowledge leads to a high success rate of difficult surgeries.

Many of our customers visit after being rejected by other hospitals. Their skin sags, is bumpy, or is cupping, making surgery highly challenging. 365mc Hospital does not insist on easy operation only. We provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by taking on challenging cases and operating with all our expertise. We are an obesity clinic that firmly believes that dedication leads to successful surgeries no matter how challenging they are.


Embark on the journey of achieving your desired shape through liposuction at 365mc Hospital.

Liposuction is the first step in your journey toward health and beauty. Liposuction at 365mc Hospital does not end with surgery. We provide a mandatory after-care program for fast recovery and the best outcome. Our dedicated team manages patients after surgery for up to six weeks. As many achieve their desired body shape, the customer satisfaction is high. Embark on the journey toward a beautiful body by receiving liposuction at 365mc Hospital, an obesity clinic dedicated to obesity treatment for the past 16 years.